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“The ‘wine’ of this world is the enchanting promises of success, fulfillment and a happily ever after that is so tantalizingly presented before the expectant soul as the reward for giving their hopes, energies, time and talents to the ambitions of this life.

But God often allows the devastating winds of destruction to blow upon our straw castles so that we ask ourselves one vital question: Where then can I place my hopes?

This stage is known as disenchantment and contrary to what you may be feeling at the time it is the best thing that has ever happened to you.”

–Finding True Love | A Woman’s 10 Day Guide to Finding Heart Satisfying Love in Jesus

The book “Finding True Love | A Woman’s 10 Day Devotional Into A Heart Satisfying Relationship with Christ,” discusses how women can find a satisfying, intimate relationship with Jesus.

So many of us have spent time, money and resources trying to fill that God shaped hole in our hearts to no avail. This devotional is meant to re-orientate seekers of love to that well-spring of life that is eternal rather than ephemeral.

Chapters Include:

Day 1: Leaving Off the “Old” to Make Room for the “New”

Day 2: His Love is Better Than Wine

Day 3: God Takes Only To Give

Day 4: Reviving Fountains that Have Run Dry

DAY 5: What is Your Beloved Compared to Any Other?

DAY 6: Chiefest Among Ten Thousand

DAY 7: Have We Despised What God Calls Beautiful?

DAY 8: Love Undiminished By Rejection

DAY 9: Therefore the Virgins Love You

DAY 10: Finding Contentment Under His Shadow

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